birthday girl – blessed year, Lauren

It seems I just write one post after another of celebration. It’s an exciting time in our family and an even more wonderful time in Lauren’s life. Lauren, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and much blessing this year of firsts for you. God just sends one blessing after another, and my prayer for you is not to miss a single one. You are my delight, sweet Lauren. Your mama loves you so very much.

jubilee year

Well, blast the ram’s horn and announce the celebration. The year of joy begins. A few days into the New Year, my blogger and real time friend Annette H (Abba’s Girl) sent me an email. She said she believed she had a word for me for 2010 and that word was “Joy.” I received it with a little trepidation because honestly as has been my experience, when God has a plan for you to experience joy it might involve a way to know joy amid some strange circumstances that may or may not involve a little pain.

So, tomorrow I walk with great expectation into the celebration of my official jubilee year of life, the big 5-0! I can hardly believe the 40s passed so quickly. Much happened during the last decade, and I anticipate much of the next to be just as filled with the bumpy road of life. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! The great garden of joys wouldn’t be so complete had they not been watered by the tears of sorrow, fertilized by the proverbial dung of disappointment and failures, and encouraged by the sunshine of His Love. Just for fun, I’m doing a little spin off of Oprah’s column and sharing a little of “What I Know For Sure”, unapologetically in list form, for an easier read:
1. Life is a gift from God.

2. God is the Gift.

3. Jesus made it so.

4. Love and relationship are more about living life than any other thing.

5. Doing the hard thing is worth it.

6. Loving the unlovable is possible.

7. Smiles make everyone feel better.

8. Balance makes for a smoother ride.

9. Marriage is a school of learning for eternity.

10. The joy of being a mother still amazes me.

11. Life is hard.

12. Life is sweet.

13. This world is not my home.

14. God is a first thing.

15. Family is a close second.

16.  Hard work is satisfying.

17. Friends make great life traveling companions.

18. Good health is not to be taken for granted.

19. Learning is transformational.

20. Each day is what you make of it.

If you have any one thing you know for sure to add to my list, what would that be? I re-iterate #17 and thank my blogging friends that share life with me. You all do make life more joyful along the way. Receive joy and celebrate! Give Him glory today for TODAY!

twenty-six years ago today…

…my first born made his glorious and timely (well, God’s timing at 10 days late) entrance into the world. He rocked my world as everything I knew to be in my control was shaken to its not-so-solid core. I clearly saw the future of a sacred life entrusted to me, and felt more inept and scared and awestruck than I had ever felt. I was an incompetent, yet hopelessly in love young woman. It just took one look into that precious face. I’ve never had so many emotions converge into one moment. Holding him, I knew a miracle, I saw Life itself transform my own, and I met more love square in the face than I had ever felt.

At nine pounds eleven ounces, he felt so solid and strong but was so helpless and pure. There was innocence in my arms, such a clean slate of new life. He was everything I had imagined. But I wasn’t prepared for it to be even better, even more. He always has had such a sweet and joyful heart. Today he is rock strong and solid, and his heart still is so genuine, loving and pure. We’ve just had two weeks of long talks, a few meals, a lot of late nights, and plenty joy and chaos with his adorable, teddy bear-dog (Black Labrador), Rebel, trying to blend in with two cats and a very jealous Abby, our springer spaniel. It’s never dull around here when kids are home!

I am most proud of this guy and his character and integrity. He’s the kind of man you hope your boys grow up to be. He truly is someone I like as well as love.

So, today we celebrate Greg, who he is to us, and how he changed our world forever twenty six years ago today.  Happy, happy birthday, Greg! We love you so.

feliz cumpleaños a Lauren

Today, my daughter, Lauren, celebrates her 24th birthday. I’ve already introduced you to her many times—I just know that you would love her, too. She is so full of life and is a joy to those who know her. She is beautiful, quick witted, and intense. She has a heart as big as the state from which she hails, and cares more about everything than most people I know. This week, she is moving home from her job internship in Florida and will be home for about a month before she moves to England to go to graduate school.

I ask your prayers for her as she starts a new journey in her life for God’s Hand to be all over her and draw her to the center of His Will. There are so many exciting things ahead for her and for this mom who can’t wait for her to be home on Saturday!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Lauren! You capture my heart. May this year abound in much joy, good health, and His peace. Love you so, Mom

Oh, go ahead. Splurge a little!

Oh, go ahead. Splurge a little!