making new friends and keeping the old

Last Saturday, I had the most delightful lunch with Annette. We have gone back and forth being Annette #2, the other Annette, whatever, so as not to confuse. When I found her blog, I asked her if she was the one that wrote the beautiful prayers on Beth Moore’s blog. When she said yes, I knew we could be good friends. She has such a beautiful heart. Lunch flew by as we talked about everything from family to church, and even one of my neighbors who is her sister-in-law. I was given a sweet gift to put “skin on” that beautiful heart I had already come to know–and lunch was great, too.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (I always wanted to say that), we are finally putting together our weekend home which someday will be our retirement home. I think that is why so many things have changed along the way. We are trying to think ahead and have it convenient and relaxing. With its beautiful setting, it’s hard not to be relaxing, but convenient is another story. We’ve been cleaning and sprucing up things at both houses to have everything in “company” order (if they don’t open too many drawers!)

So, now our dear friends who now live in Arkansas and Oklahoma are coming to visit today and we’ll have a few days of R & R with catching up and simply sharing good food and good times. We’ve known them 28 years and so that qualifies them as our oldest and dearest friends. I better get running but wanted to share a couple of pictures…

new friend, Annette


and our forever dear friends, Ken and Karen