cover to cover – week forty-eight

Excluding the Gospels, I have probably heard more sermons based on the Scriptures we read in 2 Corinthians and Romans than any others in the Bible. There are vast treasures of how to walk out this life as Christ’s own in the words of the Epistles this week.  It was within these passages that Martin Luther wasContinue reading “cover to cover – week forty-eight”

cover to cover – week forty-seven

Entrusted with the Secret Things of God After reading the week’s readings in one sitting, I am embarrassed to tell you, I have either an inordinate amount that lingers or one generalized thought. I think I’ll go with the thought and expound. There are many things that rust and moths destroy, but the eternal treasures ofContinue reading “cover to cover – week forty-seven”

cover to cover – week forty-six

Today in church, we sang a song called “May the Words of my Mouth” by Shane Barnard. Within the song, there is a line that says, “Lord, I desire to be a blessing to you in your eyes…in your eyes.” Something grabbed at my heart, knowing how I must disappoint Him, not growing in HimContinue reading “cover to cover – week forty-six”

cover to cover – week forty-five

I shouldn’t be posting today as I haven’t made it through the readings yet. We just got back in town from working at the ranch putting a lot of dishes through the dishwasher, unpacking, and washing a lot of sheets and towels. We had fun, but I am fairly certain that I am getting oneContinue reading “cover to cover – week forty-five”

cover to cover – week forty-four

November 3 – 10 Mark 14:37 “Could you not keep watch for one hour?” The dark night would soon be over. The hour for the Son of Man to be glorified in such a strange way had come, and all would be completed in its appointed time. Waiting and watching at the Place called The Skull,Continue reading “cover to cover – week forty-four”