note to self: check the girls today

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please get your mammograms and do your BSEs each month. Most of us know someone who has had breast cancer, or even have had a personal experience with it. I have lost my mother, my grandmother and a close friend to breast cancer. My twin sister and mother-in-law are valiant breast cancer survivors and so is my dear friend, Cathy. I have my own story dealing with this disease. This war is personal for me and it’s time for a cure. The best chance we have for a cure is early detection, so please make your appointment today if you are due for a checkup.

Last night, Mrs. Laura Bush took a stand for breast cancer awareness by lighting up the White House in pink. She’s speaking all over the news today to remind women to get mammograms. By clicking on the pink ribbon on the right, you can provide free mammograms for women who cannot afford it. Do your part to take care of yourself, pray for those dealing with breast cancer, and let’s take a stand together against this dreadful disease.