give thanks


Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It’s not because of the pecan pie or the indulgence. I love it for its simplicity of meaning—celebrating all we’ve been given–thanking our Creator God for our blessings, the fullness of life itself, and the joys of family, friends, and everything that makes life so rich.It may be the most untainted holiday we have. Christmas has become a buying frenzy and somewhere along the way, Christ was taken from its center. There’s an old saying when Satan can’t make you bad, he makes you busy. We get so big a “to do list” at most holiday times that we can’t slow down to really appreciate the greatest Gift we were ever given. I guess Thanksgiving has its football and gluttony, but truly it is about one thing—giving thanks. As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, you will be among the blessings for which I am so thankful. Let’s keep Thanksgiving pure, remembering Who has given us such amazing gifts as Christ Himself, and keep the holiday unadulterated with peripheral things. Here’s my slogan for last year’s campaign to reclaim Thanksgiving. Shall I start a Facebook cause group? I hope it catches on, first in my own heart. A most blessed and unhurried time of grateful hearts to you and your family this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving – It Looks Good on You.