get out of the rut!

Recently I was contemplating what I want to do with my next years of my life. While we have a lot going on with a new business,  I see the  loose ends starting to come together.   My relationships and my social life feel fairly comfortable right now, and I find a lot of joy in my husband, children, and most recently, in my new granddaughter, Bella and my grandson, Liam. My vertical spiritual life is better than it was a year ago, and my mental challenges of learning new things seem very stimulating. Yet, I have a lop-sided spoke on my wheel of a balanced life: the giving of myself in a serving capacity is all but non-existent these days.

For the better part of my married life, I volunteered. I was a school volunteer, I joined the Junior League and the women’s guild at church. I found causes I never knew I even cared about and threw a big part of my heart into them. I loved the feeling of helping others, and, truth be told, I loved the way people loved what I did for them. I took on leadership positions in the organizations and I got to where I spent so much time on these worthy causes, that I neglected my first responsibilities at home and to the Lord. After years of a chaotic life of running all the time, I started seeing things a little differently. My season of volunteerism came to a halt about the same time my children married. Being busy with weddings, new projects at the ranch, and plainly put, burnout all contributed to my withdrawal. I grew skeptical of others and my own selfish motives became more evident, so I slowly found reasons to drop out of virtually everything I was involved in.

Recently, I feel a nudge from God to serve again. “Feed my sheep,” I hear Him call. I wished I could say my response was like Samuel’s “Here I am!” But I think it’s been more like a Jonah running to Tarshish. But the boat ride is getting bumpy. His beckoning woos me closer to hear, “What are you doing for Me, Annette? I’ve got a whale of a deal for you, but you won’t turn toward Me, heed my call. What are you doing for Me, Annette?

Have you ever been asked a question, then realize you really don’t want to hear the answer? I know the answer. It’s time. I’ll say it:

Here I am, Lord.

Let’s see where He leads us. What have you done lately for the Lord? What is He asking of you this day?