some fun fall stuff

I feel the heaviness of the dew this morning in the 77 degree air at 6 a.m. It’s definitely not fall in Houston, but we start pretending about now. And without fail, one day “it” arrives. Almost like a rain dance, we start attending fall festivals and outdoor concerts. We burn our “pumpkin spice” candles, bake apple pies, and put our first pot of chili in the crock pot. We plant crotons in clay pots and carefully place pumpkins by our front doors. We realize we have neighbors again and get up early to go to farmer’s markets (which is what I am up to this day), and feel a nesting syndrome coming on to make our homes cozy.

And one glorious day, the oppressive Texas heat lets up and fall arrives.  Jackets come out of closets and beautiful fall clothes don our bodies–we just turn the a/c down a bit and pretend if we have to. Aren’t fall layered, textures so much more beautiful than spring and summer skimpies!

Here are  my top ten ways you know it’s fall in Houston. How about you? What do you love best about fall? 

1. The Barefoot Contessa’s pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting. Yes, that’s crushed Heath bar on top. Need I say more?

2. Knit scarves and turtenecks with jeans and boots.

3. Williams Sonoma’s spiced chestnut lotion.

4. Sitting with friends in the stands watching high school football.

5. Blankets wrapped around me and fires in the fireplace.

6. Hot Lady Grey tea with milk and sugar.

7. Crunching leaves  on long walks as a crisp breeze hits me in the face.

8. The Greek festival in downtown Houston-for the fabulous baklava and pastitsio.

9. Hunting season even though I don’t hunt. Two words: happy husband.

10. And my #1 reason, even though it’s #10, the cleaning frenzy to clean out the garage, organize closets, and weed garden beds–a ritual of renewal and starting over.

I’m off to the farmer’s market! Have a great Saturday!