a healthy quick dinner

Mike and I went to Costco and found individually sealed wild sockeye salmon. What to do, what to do? I like salmon if it’s poached in a champagne dill cream at a nice restaurant, not prepared at my house.

However, in light of all the benefits purported of salmon in particular, we felt we should start eating this once a week. Mike found some cedar wraps for the salmon (at Sur la Table) and brushed the fillets with olive oil and wrapped them. He grilled them five minutes on each side, and they were perfect. I made some jasmine rice and sauted spinach with garlic to go with it, and topped the salmon with some already prepared mango pico de gallo. It was a beautiful colorful dinner we threw together in less than twenty minutes. I wished I had taken a picture–it was so pretty and quite good.

Do you have any recipes for incorporating salmon in the diet? Please share them with me.