a couple of pictures

This last week, Lauren was in Wales doing a field trip for her class work. I totally swiped these two pictures off Facebook. Whoever took them has a great eye for photography. I am going to request the originals and try to frame them. In the second one, yes, that’s Lauren with her shoes off, and I bet it’s cold! Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her about that. I can’t wait to go visit her!

a thursday meme (or desk day procrastination)

Linda at 2nd Cup posted this meme today and hers was fun to read and  interesting. No promises here, but I liked some of the questions, and I’d love to get to know you better, so let me know if you decide to do this.  Okay, here goes, the first question is enough to make me tired, but I’ll be uncommonly brief today.

What is your writing process?
Ideas seem to hit me when I am in a mindless and otherwise indisposed place to write such as the car, the shower, or at 4 a.m. waiting on sleep inspiration to hit me. Most of them generally don’t make it to paper (or computer), but I am always convinced that the ones that didn’t make it to paper were my greatest inspirations. My writing process involves an inordinate amount of revision and time to get something truly worth reading. I am an editor more than a writer. Unfortunately, you get raw, random ideas mostly on the blog due to time constraints.

What are your greatest creative inspirations?
Something that hits me as a moment only orchestrated by God, a strange but true story in the news, and children of all ages inspire me. Also intense dilemmas cause me to try to think them out on paper.

What are your greatest creative barriers?
Mostly my internal dialogue. I am either convinced the topic is nothing anyone else cares about, or the vastness of it precludes my capacity for words. The other thing that I fear is that I will write something profound, only to discover that I am just the last one to get it.

What is your favorite word? From my writing, you’d think it was “so”

What is your least favorite word? “so.”

What sound or noise do you love? Music, especially only voices singing.

What sound or noise do you hate? Sirens from police or ambulance, or the fire truck horns.

What is your favorite curse word? S—. I wished it weren’t but truth be told, that’s what comes out when I stub my toe. (Figuratively and literally.)

A song/band/type of music you’d risk wreck & injury to turn off when it comes on the radio? Acid rock.dorothy

Best show on television? House.

Favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz, Out of Africa. Sorry, nobody can pick just one.

Favorite room in your house? My kitchen, but not because of the obvious. I like food, but I rarely cook. I like sitting in my overstuffed chair by our breakfast table, reading with a blanket and some coffee, watching the birds through the window.  

Best concert? Selah. They pour out a sound that must rival heaven’s angels.

Brass or strings? Strings, particularly violin.  

If you could have anything put on a t-shirt what would it be? “Still mavericky”

The best part about being your age? A little more restraint with my reactions-sometimes. And having more time to do memes like this. I couldn’t have thought about this life-changing stuff years ago. Now, back to me…

Favorite Girl Scout cookie? Peanut butter sandwich cookies.

Poker or gin or bridge?  Bridge, if I don’t have to keep score.

Shower or bath? Morning or night? Morning showers, evening bubble baths.

Favorite pajamas? Boxer pants and t-shirt.

Nightmare job? Surgeon.

A talent you wish you had? I’d give anything to be able to sing beautifully.

Dream vacation? On a deserted island in the Pacific with good restaurants nearby. (Now you know why it’s a dream.)

What’s on your nightstand? A carafe of water, four books, and my iPod player.

Three weird things about you: Gee, it might be easier to write three normal things but, just three weird things-

1. I’m allergic to Christmas charlie20brown20treeI thought for years-later found out it was the tree.

2. I love walks in the rain.

3. I have a love-hate relationship with questions like this-“what is your favorite,” “if you could have just one of something…” or anything that asks “what is your best . . .” because nothing is the best-only things can approximate best. Best is an absolute. Best only theoretically exists for mere mortals.Best drives me crazy.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you take up this challenge and expose yourself we can get to know each other better. Blessed Thursday to you!pork

the things they make me do…

Meet Victoria. This is my daughter’s puppy. She made Best Dressed List for October. She obviously is thrilled about the news.

This is Abby. She’s my dog. She can’t let Victoria outdo her in the wardrobe department. (The girls in this family will stop at nothing short of humiliating their own dogs to assuage their shopping compulsivity.)