sunday’s song – Happy Mother’s Day!

  In early April, we spotted the familiar white blossom amid the briars that bordered the barbed wire fence. Blackberry season would soon be here. Enthusiastic pickers take note of the location of such things. A few weeks later, that blossom has become a blackened berry ready for the taking. And so we gather the bounty fromContinue reading “sunday’s song – Happy Mother’s Day!”

fall into flavor finale

Thanksgiving week is right around the corner, and we are wrapping up “Fall into Flavor” at Linda’s 2nd Cup of Coffee. Thanks, Linda for hosting some awesome recipes and good cooks’ secrets. I have quite the repertoire from which to choose for some seriously warm-the-bones comfort fall foods. Be sure to check out Linda’s coffee mug chocolateContinue reading “fall into flavor finale”

fall into flavor – corn and potato chowder

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee brings us some bloggy deliciousness with Fall into Flavor each Monday. Check out her recipe meme today for the bloggers’ best recipes. I thought I’d tell you about our Halloween night, and the dinner we shared with friends. Friday evening, we had our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest with our daughter,Continue reading “fall into flavor – corn and potato chowder”

fall into flavor – chicken lasagna

Linda at Second Cup of Coffee is hosting a recipe carnival these next few weeks before, dare I say it, Christmas. With weather here (Texas) in the bone-chilling sixties, a girl still can imagine what might sound good to the rest of the country on a nippy fall night. This is one recipe I have madeContinue reading “fall into flavor – chicken lasagna”

fall into flavor – chicken and dumplings

I have another “I want it to be fall” recipe for you this week.  It’s still in the 80s here in Texas, so we pretend a lot. I turn the a/c down and put on my sweatshirt. I light the fake fire in the fireplace, and I make careful note that it won’t be longContinue reading “fall into flavor – chicken and dumplings”