It was the perfect end to a dreary day. Barely 9:30, after a long soak in bath oil, I had curled up in bed with lots of covers all to myself. Mike was out of town for an overnight stay, and, in the famous words of Goldilocks, it was “just right”—particularly in light of my headache, which I had nursed since Sunday. Sunday, for Pete’s sake! So early to bed, I grabbed my Paula Deen biography and determined I would finish it and start on Resilience before sleep would gently overtake me. A dose of Nyquil assists. Enter cat. Dog was already cuddled on my feet. For a twelve-pound animal, Cat certainly has space issues. By 10 o’clock, I was ready to put the book down and call it a night.  The following time line occurred on the evening of February 1st:

11:30 – Annette still struggles to reclaim covers from greedy Cat when Dog barks at a mystery animal outside on patio. Immediately, Cat determines he’s had enough of the cover fight and wants outside.

12:00—Annette finally gives in to Cat’s demands and places him outside, knowing it’s rather cold, but not having too much sympathy.

12:45—Annette looks at clock, unable to sleep. Cat meows to come back in. Annette ignores.

1:00, 1:10, 1:30—Cat meows louder, hoping to annoy enough to get back inside.

1:38—Mystery animal from 11:30 is determined. Cat has summoned Old Gumby Cat, a tattered red tabby. Fight ensues. Annette feels bad she didn’t let Cat in.

1:39—Annette opens front door and begs Cat to come inside, attempts to get Dog to bark at Gumby Cat, but Dog sleeps peacefully on sofa now, due to all the disruptions. Cat refuses to lose dignity and fight resumes in front yard.

1:40—Annette goes back to bed, but can’t sleep, feeling guilty she didn’t let Cat in earlier.

2:00-4:00—Annette recalls entire story when she was 10 years old, of winning a set of walkie talkies from a  Christmas coloring contest after she stole her sister’s idea to color the fireplace in the picture like it was made of stone. More guilt follows. A short prayer of confession said. Outfit for next day is decided. List of “To Dos” for Tuesday is reviewed.

4:00-6:00—Peace at last.

6:30—House is cold, and Annette wants to sleep in. Cat meows at front door. Annette jumps up to check on wounds and discovers Cat won the round. Coffee’s on.

Have a great day, everyone. I may or may not take a nap.