critter world and sleepy accommodators

11:53 p.m. – dog jangles collar tags together in a nervous scratch, then paws the bed until she gets “permission” to jump up. She’s often found in the middle of the bed when I get home, but with Mike in bed, she asks. Good dog. Knows who the pushover in the family is. 11:54 p.m.Continue reading “critter world and sleepy accommodators”

making new friends and keeping the old

Last Saturday, I had the most delightful lunch with Annette. We have gone back and forth being Annette #2, the other Annette, whatever, so as not to confuse. When I found her blog, I asked her if she was the one that wrote the beautiful prayers on Beth Moore’s blog. When she said yes, IContinue reading “making new friends and keeping the old”

dancing leaves and hearts

THIS is it! That glorious day in Houston, Texas that comes to all who wait patiently. Hope springs eternal this day. There is a little skip in my step, a flutter in my heart. At last–my favorite non-holiday day of the year. This morning, sun radiates through the trees, and the fragile, ever-crispening leaves shiver asContinue reading “dancing leaves and hearts”