sunday’s song – it is well

Earlier today I heard Max Lucado say it is hard for us to be grateful when we aren’t really feeling it, but one Thing we all can be grateful for is that We Are Forgiven! If you are in Christ, you can sing this hymn, too, “It is well with my soul.” As I wasContinue reading “sunday’s song – it is well”

a new year of sunday songs ~ our God is greater

So fitting for a new year, a new beginning… Whatever trial you face, the darkness of the unknown, the fear in looking ahead–no matter what– He is greater. Healer, awesome in power, He comes to tell you that you don’t have to do this by yourself. He will take it upon His shoulders and carryContinue reading “a new year of sunday songs ~ our God is greater”

sunday’s song – how many kings?

Not always but often I have an underlying story behind my Sunday’s Song–something that has happened in the week or a song that is ministering to me in particular at the time. This is the case today, as I returned to my old church and saw many familiar faces and loved ones I hadn’t seenContinue reading “sunday’s song – how many kings?”