i see what you’re saying

Linda, at 2nd Cup of Coffee, is hosting a video carnival today at her party-on-a-screen blog. This is round two of “I See What You’re Saying” though I wasn’t able to jump in the first time. I had many clever things to say, but somehow when the camera was rolling, my cute cleverness waned. I guess it’s just dang hard to talk to a round ball with a  hole sitting on top of my computer screen. I think I’ll call him Wilson. (Remember, Tom Hanks in Castaway’s BFF?) If I weren’t so embarrassed, I’d grab one of my family to run the good video camera, but for now, Wilson is as brave as I get.

Go check out the other more witty videos today over at Linda’s. Her comments are almost as much fun to read as her posts so you know there’s some seriuos creativity going on today. I hope you have your best year in 2009.
Love ya,