The Word of the Year…

Word Themes for the Year

2010 – JOY

2011 – ENLARGE

2012 – BELIEVE

2013 – FLAWED

2014 – PRAY

2015 – GRACE

2016 – RENEW


For several years, I’ve had a word theme going for the year. In 2010, it was my Jubilee Year (translation: I turned 50!) so the word was “joy.”

During 2011, we saw our family expand as children married and we were blessed with our first grandson. The word also had direct application to my heart so the watchword was “enlarge.”

In 2012, the year included the birth our first granddaughter, and had me believing for many promises for a future generation so the word of the year was “believe.”

In 2013, I worked on letting go of perfectionist aggravations and accepting the flaws in myself and others, so the watchword was “flawed.” What a time to embrace life on these terms with the addition of two precious grandchildren.

2014 was another year of the Lord’s favor. The goal of this year was to talk with God and listen as God talked with me. PRAY was the watchword. And life was the result.

In 2015, my word was GRACE. Not just the one magnificent Grace Gift of God’s Son saving an undeserving soul type, but my goal was to extend grace in everyday applications of unmerited favor to people in my path.It was indeed a year filled with Grace and joy, bringing the birth of two grandchildren and a beloved prodigal home.

2016 was a year of renewal. After getting used to ranch living and the work here, it was a year to branch out and explore some new hobbies of photography and birding. The year was full and rich with family and friends, and God renewed and refreshed our souls with lots of nature therapy and a better balance of work and relaxation.

2017 will be a year filled with HOPE. Hope for renewed values and patriotism, hope for a new grandchild due in July. Hope for a bright future. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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