a fish story

All I can say, is if I were stranded on a deserted island or on Survivor 22(and I had a fishing rod and reel, some minnows from the corner store, a pair of pliers, a stringer, a good fishing knife, a bait bucket and a few cold drinks, a lawn chair, some Off, great tunes on the radio, and snacks), I could have made a decent fish dinner for everybody on the island, had I kept them.

I think one was one of the biggest bass I’ve pulled out of the little pond—probably about three pounds. All by myself, I might add. I put them (all three) on the stringer so when my sister, Jen and her friend, Renae, showed up, they could believe I had actually been so bold.

Jen said that she was really proud of me, knowing the wimp background I have. Well, that isn’t altogether true. I come from a line of very strong women starting with my own sister, who can be a wimp about some little things, but not about the big stuff, surviving the death of my mother and a divorce at the same time, and thriving past breast cancer. My mother and her mother both were widowed young and raised their kids alone, but with much wisdom and grace. Strong and smart, we’re talking.

My sister and I often will say that we know why God made us specifically for this generation, since there are hot showers and central air and heat. As I like to remind myself, “for such a time as this.” (–Esther 4:14)

Wimpy I am to the core, but just about everyday things like being very helpful on campouts, steep hikes, or anything remotely dangerous. Several years ago, I rode a 4-wheeler down into a volcano in Kauai and kept up with the family pretty well, but it was a stretch, I’m telling you. I passed on the ski trip the year after, not on purpose, since I had to recover from some surgery. To tell the truth, I wasn’t too disappointed.

But today, nobody would have voted me off the island. I’ll post the picture I made my sister’s friend take of the fish as soon as I get it, so you and others like you won’t think of me as wimpy anymore. Now I have to go redo my manicure. Fish do bad numbers on nails.


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