annie’s eyes

For the past ten years, I have had a hunger to write things down. I don’t know if it is the result of midlife diminishing brain capacity, or the fear of forgetting, but I do believe it is more than that (although either would be a good enough reason!) Occasionally, someone will ask me why I write, and I have to say, it isn’t because I enjoy it that much. I simply feel compelled to write.

I see God—usually in ephemeral flashes, then I don’t think much about it later, if I don’t write about the experience. I don’t want to miss seeing God. I don’t want to forget our encounters. Sometimes all I see is a situation, or a glimpse into someone else’s struggle, or the weight of my own daily life experiences, and I fail to put them into the big picture. I forget to ask why God might be calling me to walk through those moments. One benefit of writing is I don’t miss as much when I let God translate them. Not every day is profound, but I can almost be certain, something in every day is.

A while ago, we were on vacation in Hawaii. On the more remote island of Kauai, the hotel where we stayed boasted having the most beautiful sunsets in the Pacific. So, late each day, we would go down to the flowered terrace and await God’s artwork for the evening. Each evening, we watched as the sun slipped away under the horizon of a backlit and vibrant blue, but just as the sun hit the horizon, one huge cloud would come and steal our joy. For days on end, we expectantly awaited capturing a glorious feast of the eye, but each time, one stinking cloud would veil the blaze of colors. On the last day we were there, it finally hit me how beautiful the cloud was. The midnight blue waters glistened like a stage for the performance. Firebursts of red and gold rays exploded through the deep purple cloud. How majestic and complex in beauty the sunset with the cloud was, and certainly more powerful than one without the “obstruction.” I knew at that point, I missed the blessing many times because I focused on the wrong thing, or I didn’t stop to look again with a fresh perspective.

annie’s eyes is a desire to capture some of those times when I see God. “Godstops” is the term that Beth Moore coins for these moments of grace in her Bible study, Believing God. Each day is full of the depth of the deepest sea, the width of the greatest galaxy if we see it through the eyes of His Kingdom. They are only “Godstops” if we stop, if we open the eyes of our heart to see His mighty works, His gracious Hand orchestrating priceless moments of the revelation of His glory.

One of the lessons I am learning along the way is things rarely are as we see them through our own eyes. It is only through the eyes of Grace that we see beauty and glimpses of eternity in moments, indeed Godstops of revelation. To that purpose, I dedicate annie’s eyes.


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