just another day in the life

Just when I thought I might have an opportunity to get bored with my life, God brings me the dearest friend whose life is NEVER dull. In fact, it is always so full of life, so full of love. With that, sometimes it has moments full of pain, as well, but mostly it is full of tons of joy. We have real adventures together, not just meetings for lunch or anything as mundane as that. In fact, I’ll just say it. I think she might secretly be Superwoman, saving the day many times. I will tell you that because I’ve witnessed it several times, and she didn’t even have her suit on.

Today was one of those days—starting out simply enough. We were off to the Nordstrom sale, but we never have just one thing we’re doing when we’re together. We were headed to get some business done, have lunch, stop by and drop our paws down for some badly needed manicures and squeeze in a little shopping. Before we knew it, it was four o’clock, and her day didn’t stop when mine did (after shopping, of course) as she still had to go home, get spiffed up, and attend a party with her husband. We hadn’t made it to Nordstrom yet, so we were making a mad dash through some nachos at Escalante’s, all the while talking some business, when her husband called and told her she had less than two hours before they were to be there. We raced over to a parking lot to drop her car off, but, lo and behold, two dogs ran in front of her car right on one of the busiest streets in Houston, so it was animal rescue time. Driving behind her, I was scared silly that she might have struck one of them. (Fortunately, they were all okay.) Before anyone could say, “Who was that masked woman?” emergency flashers go on, and she’s loading two wet labs into her Lexus, one bigger than her. I was right behind her, so I put my flashers on and made sure she was okay.

Then came the hard part. I told her I’d go get the gift for the party at Nordstrom for her while she tracked the owners, took care of the dogs, and got ready for the evening all in a single swoop of an hour and a half. You may be asking what the hard part for me was. I know you’ll understand when I remind you there was a SALE at Nordstrom today. I think they hauled stuff in just for the event, and huge red tags enticed me everywhere I looked, but I stayed focused, as I was a woman on a mission with a schedule. I went straight to the third floor and got everything I could, and still spent half of what she wanted me to spend on the gift—does that give you any idea how good this sale was??? (Blue laws have been repealed in Texas for years, but somehow, I still feel bad shopping on a Sunday, but I might just have to make an exception tomorrow after church.) Anyway, I guess that really wasn’t the point of this story, so back to the subject: I finally got back to her house, and my friend got ready for the party, took care of the puppies, found the owner, and got them back to the sweet woman, all the while looking beautiful, then managed to head out to the party, gift in hand, pretty much on time. I guess it’s all in a day’s work for Superwoman. I’m just not used to that kind of excitement. But there’s always tomorrow. . .


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