loving well–part two

You’ll like this one better than yesterday. Even with the same title, it is more characteristic of God’s “Godness,” as Beth put it on the DVD Bible study yesterday. The first point we tried to grasp in the study (and it is HUGE) was God is perfect love. As we reflected in our group on perfect love, I was sensitive to the fact that none of us have experienced perfect love from another human—Perfect in God’s economy can’t even be conceived by the human mind. I thought of my mother, who did love me so well, not perfectly but so sweetly; I thought of my husband who comes as close as anyone living with me possibly could; I thought of my children whom I love so unconditionally, and to be frank with you, I thought of my dog—my ever faithful, beside- me companion whose only job in her world is to please. Later, I read an email from Patti and Georgia, and learned how a song blog tribute to a missionary in another hemisphere could bring tears to the eyes of someone I’ve never met—how God’s love melts down barriers miles away, heals loneliness, and flat cures a lot of evils, pains, hurts, and injustices in this world. In another email this morning, I heard from a friend from Bible study last night on her thoughts as we were contemplating perfect love, saying “Last night when we were talking about perfect love, I was thinking about the most perfect love on earth … a mother and her infant! It is a love that gives purely because a new infant doesn’t give back … no smiles , no hugs etc … It is all give … ” Then, to her amazement, her dear friend called out of the blue to tell her she’s pregnant, but not sure about it at all. Even our best attempts at perfect love fall so short.

I can’t help but wonder not only at God’s perfect love, but how perfect His timing is in restoring all things unto Him. One day, we’ll see His perfect love and we all shall be restored. This is another Selah song for that day when all will be made right, when all will know He is perfect love and we will bow down to Him, as He sets every injustice right, only not with scales of human justice, but through the Blood of His Son’s Perfect Sacrifice of Love. Come quickly. We want to see your Glory, and we want to know Your perfect love face to Face.


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