sunday’s child is full of grace

My friend who lives in Virginia is the one your mama warned you about—the one I’d never have known, had I not responded to a prayer request on an internet site. Now, years later, she is one of my dearest friends, and I’d either like to adopt her daughter (not necessary—she has the best mom) or engage my son to her to be married (not likely, since they haven’t met.) She and I write almost daily, talk on the phone once a week, and try to meet up about once a year. The first time I went to Virginia to meet her family in person, her daughter said, “So you’re the axe murderer from Texas.” I knew exactly what she meant, as we both grew up with warnings about such folk—and we don’t take so kindly to strangers. However, by the time we met in person, I knew her mother’s heart as well as I know any of my closest friends’, and let me tell you, it is so dear to me. All these years later, we laugh as we remember how God has blessed and preordained this friendship—it is no accident, and my life would not be as sweet without her.
The past few months, her family has been through a storm of faith. They have turned the whole thing over to the Lord, and it is so magnificent to watch His glory as each step reveals His perfect plan. My friend is a grandmother as of Sunday again for the third time. Her son and his sweet wife have three precious children now. A few months ago, they found out this third child, a handsome baby boy, has a heart condition. He will have surgery tomorrow, the first of several to correct this. In every detail, God has let them know He is in charge. He is orchestrating details we may never know. The ones we do, however, we stand in amazement and such gratitude. I’d love to tell you about each of the details that I know about, but those will be this child’s story, his testimony of His Hand on his life since before he was born. I can’t wait to hear him one day tell it, as it was told to him by his parents and his grandma and grandpa. It was no accident that he was born on Sunday, Father’s Day. So full of grace already, this child is a gift and a miracle. Please pray for him tomorrow, Wednesday, as he has heart surgery. You can participate in the miracle, too. To be sure, I will be.
This song has been a life link for my friend, as she has traveled through the past few months, and then again on the day he was born. “He Knows My Name.” I’m singing it with you and giving thanks. By the way, He does know this sweet boy’s name. I don’t yet.


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