some random updates

In several blog posts, I promised to keep you posted on some things. . .

from torn—I got a file cabinet to keep it all in.

from splendor of summer—the cornbread didn’t burn. It never got done—after 45 minutes, I took it out and called it spoonbread.

from sunday’s child—he continues to do miraculously well, and I don’t use that term loosely. I’m still on my knees giving thanks for all He is doing.

from the reading corner—it takes me about a week to read each discipline and try to make application. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

from frozen in time—we cleaned out the house and now we’re renovating it. It is going to look so cute. I’ll try to post some before and after pictures when it’s all done. My stepdad called to say he’s doing well and is going to send me on a cruise when he wins the lottery.

from a hundred reasons why—I get to see my son TOMORROW and I am a very happy woman!

For now, I am offline to go make some oatmeal cookies for this evening’s Bible study.

from me to you: I pray you have a blessed and joyful week as I take a few days off. I hope to see you on Sunday for a sing along.


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