dinner with friends

Our last day in Florida, and no sunburn, actually no beach sunning at all, but this son-deprived mom got in a great visit, and we ended on an awesome high note—dinner on our room’s terrace overlooking the city. I woke up this morning and realized I could catch the sun rise over the water from my bed with the curtains open. Pretty nifty start for the day, but I want to spend a minute reflecting on last night. The picture below is dinner with my guys—darling husband, Mike, big guy Greg, and his best friend and my “adopted” son, Andre. Each of my kids has one friend that I have reserved the right to adopt. Lauren has Traci Lynn and Lindsay has Em, and Greg’s buddy is Andre. Of course, they all have other friends, but these are the ones that come over to our house and actually visit with us, have dinner with us, and let me get to know them. One day, I’ll extend my right to adopt their spouses, but so far, boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but best friends stay. Some other time, I’ll tell you how great Traci and Emily are, but today it’s about Andre. He’s the kind of friend that comes to see you when you have your tonsils out at 25 years old. He’s the one that flies to Florida and helps you move. (Of course, his timing is sweet as it is Race Week in Daytona.) He is the one that buys the Tiki torches for a housewarming present. I like Andre. He is always polite, not the Eddie Haskell kind, but has an authentic, wants-to-please-you personality that make you glad your son has a best friend almost as cool as he is.


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