the sopranos

My piano is loved again. The girls are home and music melodates (yes, I made that Webster-worthy word up) all through the corridors of a house that needs more carpet. My girls both sing and play the piano, and we’ve been known to all write and sing songs together. Our latest title was “Oh I love banana pie, bana-nana pie.” Careful though. If you ask us, we’re likely to belt out three-part “augmented” (another way to say we liberally use creative license) vocals. Lauren is the piano magic and super soprano, while Lindsay jumps in with a mezzo soprano harmony, and Abby throws her head back and gets that soulful look in her eyes to harmonize with a howl that rounds us out with a true tug-at-your-heart resonance. You remember Abby the dog? She’s the one that comes RUNNING to the piano when she hears it light up the rooms again. Oh, the girls are home. What a day for a song!
Abby and Lindsay Warming Up


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