side by side

Where in the world would we be without our girlfriends? I am so blessed to have a few good friends that go the extra mile with me, through the good, bad, and ugly, ever faithful. I’ve heard it said that friends like you for who you are but best friends like you, despite who you are—warts and all. Walking through life with someone else makes it sweeter. Husbands are wonderful in this department, and I will write about Mike on another post, but this one is a tribute to that small circle of friends that you can count on, whether you’ve known them most of your life or just a short time, whether they live next door or far away—friends that, even when their own lives are falling apart, will still will drop everything to spend time with you, or the very few that talk the deep things of life with you that most men just don’t really want to address. Girlfriends will talk about the same thing for hours, while husbands will tell you that you just said that, and they got what you were trying to say, so could we move on, please? Thank you, Lord, for girlfriends and the way they bless our lives. I can’t imagine my life without you—you know who you are. For one, you love me enough to wade through my rambling blog, and I love you for that, too!


3 thoughts on “side by side

  1. I am the one that is so blessed! We have talked (many times and for hours!) about our amazing God who places such special girlfriends in the paths of our lives with incredible timimg and purpose… You are so special !
    Lv, C

  2. Thank you, Sammie, for your wise words. Sammie is referring to a comment I left on Beth Moore’s blog

    Go weigh in your top three difficulties in being a woman at the LPM website (see above) and help Beth with her writing of the Esther study. I can’t wait for fall when the Houston girls get to participate in this study.

  3. Annie, I wanted to respond to your comment today on the blog. Thank you for your words: “People love to the degree they are capable;” it really blessed me. Sometimes its the only way to make sense out of the responses you get out there. “People who have lived in great darkness have adjusted their eyes to great darkness”

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