one more thing

In a moment of weakness several months ago, I signed on for two volunteer jobs I thought sounded interesting and fun. I didn’t think it through and now here I am with two commitments that I wished I didn’t have. When I make knee-jerk reactions to momentary stillness, it is time to start thinking about what it is I fear in idleness. God has a plan for me, and in not waiting on Him to make it clear where I should be, I often thwart a blessing or worse, cause a problem for someone else. Not everything good is best and not everything worthwhile is necessary for me. Both of these statements need some elaboration. Suffice it to say, however, in not having my heart set right in taking on these two jobs, I have caused others more difficulty than if I had said no in the first place. Learning to say no when I need to has always been difficult for me, especially when I think it won’t be that difficult to add one more thing. But eventually, several “one more things” make a plate mighty full, and it is hard to do any of it well.
I got a break yesterday on one of the commitments. The lady I am working with won’t be available until after the first week in August to work. I was relieved to know I can clear off some of the other things in the next two weeks, and be able to give the job the attention it deserves. In the meantime, I need to consider why I feel I must stay busy to feel productive and accomplished. Sometimes busy is just that—busyness and not actual effectiveness. Lord, help me to recognize the difference and act upon Your prompt and not my own fear of being too still.


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