releasing our grip

When Grace changes the heart, submission out of fear changes to submission out of love, and true humility is born.–Wm Hendrickson

from Insight for Living: Christ exemplified the most perfect act of surrender when He gave up His place in glory to come to earth, take on a human nature, and die for us. When we follow Christ’s example and we surrender to God by faith those things that encumber our fulfillment of His purpose, we will be surprised by the freedom that comes! As we release our grip, we discover that the things we thought we needed to hold on to were in reality holding on to us.
Phil 2: 1-11 tells us how to make our attitude more like Christ Jesus. Chuck Swindoll’s devotional gives insight for surrendering our grip, and becoming more like Him.


1 thought on “releasing our grip

  1. Annie,
    Thank you for sharing this. I listened to the audio by Chuck Swindoll. It is true, we need to focus on the right thing–JESUS.

    Blessings in Christ!

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