feelin’ small

Today, I am feeling kind of small. It isn’t a bad feeling, just a realization. Every now and then, I try to wrap my little brain around the concept of infinity. If I understand God’s infinity, I will grasp what the never-ending Love Story is. I will begin to understand that He is—always was, and always will be—the everlasting God, the Great I Am. I don’t have to get it, but I’d sure like to. So, I start thinking about the vastness of the universe, the biggest thing I can think of, and I start decreasing. I have only to look at John 3:30 to see that this is not so bad to be feeling a little insignificant. He must increase and I must decrease. Obviously God is big enough, so maybe I am to start picturing God as more His real size, the One who holds the entire heavens in the palm of His Hand. Suddenly I feel rather stupid praying all those “Here’s what I’d do if I were You, God” prayers. Maybe a God Who breathed the stars into place and spoke the worlds into existence might have a better resolution for my concerns than I do. Maybe the Creator God Who sends forth the lightning bolt where it should go (Job 36:32) might have better sense of direction than I. And maybe, just maybe I can take a day off and let God be God today. Certainly, He is worthy.


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