i knew you’d want to know

FYI…it’s time to plant your pumpkin seeds in the South for pumpkins in your flower beds this Halloween. There is something about 110 in the shade that makes you want to dream of autumn pumpkins with chrysanthemums, so turn your air down and pretend it’s October. Just tryin’ to spread a little hope.

2 thoughts on “i knew you’d want to know

  1. I have to say my daughter wouldn’t watch it either, but when I told her what it said and did my own imitation, she nearly spilled the iced tea out of her mouth laughing. My theory is if you can’t laugh, you might need to “see if that’s workin’ for ya” as Dr. Phil says.

  2. Annie, we had a family reunion this weekend and I showed my niece your e-mail on the secret, and she just roared. Sad to say my sister from Vermont(who has a masters degree)likes the secret and took offence to our laughing. Theres a reason she lives in Vermont on a mountain.

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