if only we knew. . .

how beautiful we are in Jesus’s eyes. Why is it that the seemingly most challenged physically and mentally among us are often the most unencumbered souls that understand Christ’s love? I saw a mentally challenged girl this weekend who knew that she knew that Jesus was her Savior and that He loved her perfectly and saw her as perfect and beautiful. Jesus asks us to come as little children. So, I go back in my childhood memories and search for that day I knew how precious I was.

I try to remember the days when I felt like I could conquer the world and that I was beautiful, and to be honest, I can’t. I always remember a fear and a feeling of inadequacy as far back as I can remember. God has given me so many gifts, my heart should be bursting with gratitude and feeling special in His eyes. And yet I succumb to the worldly definitions, even knowing this is not who God meant for me to be or who I ever will be to Him. I always had a God-sized hole waiting. Just as I am, He loves me. It has taken me a lifetime to remember that I am worthy because He that is in me gives me great value.

Oh, that we would be so in tune with Him to know.


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