a weekend for the girls

Thanks, S. for being such a dear friend to C. She loves you so much. What a great weekend she had with you. She told me you checked in on the blog sometimes, so, by request, here is the song you liked…

My middle daughter, Lauren, was home this weekend, while Mike hunted for doves somewhere around Sweetwater, TX. Get a map. I can’t tell you where it is, except it must be good hunting because it’s worth a six-hour drive.

Lauren and I got to do all those fun girly things that we hadn’t had a chance to do together in quite a while. Lauren’s love language is time spent together. So, shopping and sushi, and Barnes & Noble and Starbucks, then a little down time fixing computers and watching a chick flick all fit the bill perfectly. We went to see “Becoming Jane” which we both thought was very well played by Ann Hathaway. It was set in Bath, England, so who couldn’t enjoy the beauty even when the plot occasionally dragged a bit. We shared popcorn and Milk Duds, real Coke, and Icees, hearty laughs and several heart to heart conversations.

All in all, it was a fun weekend even without football. The random reference to football came to mind as I went to church with my niece, Leigh, and took her to lunch afterward. She and I ended up at Champs for the kickoff of the first Texans game. Never have I seen such undeserved enthusiasm. I wished I could say I am a die-hard fan, but I never got the game, except for the social aspects of it.

So, S. and C. and Lauren and Leigh, some things are just meant to be a girl thing, and some things are for the birds, I mean guys. Well, birds and guys.

[I know I am going to take some flak for this, (Kathy) as a good Southern woman enjoys football, but I have to be true to myself! I wish I grasped the finer appreciation of the sport, honest I do.]

Editor’s Update: Just to prove how much a fan I am, I just was told it was the third Texans game of the season…so there you are.


7 thoughts on “a weekend for the girls

  1. Okay, you got me longing to have my oldest home right now. And although he’s a guy, football is not his thing. Can you believe it? At least we’re not from the south (tee hee). We’d hit B & N and Starbucks too!!

    Glad you had a good weekend, Annie. I really enjoy your blog.


  2. Okay, sb, now I know you’re not lurking, I am most happy to put you to sleep in the wee hours.;) I would love to see you some time. Maybe we can all get a little reunion together with CK and CH soon. Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement.

  3. Thank you Annette,
    I had added Annie’s Eyes to “My Favorites” when C told me about it and passed it on to C.K. in MS. You truly have a special gift with your writing. Sometimes when I cannot sleep at night, I log on and it puts me in such peace. Thank you for your friendship to our mutual pal. sb

  4. I commented on the LPM blog what you wrote:) It was profound, the word ” Sea of faces” alone, threw me girl!
    Glad to meet ya siesta:)

    Be Blessed:-)


  5. Hi~
    I just read your comment on Beth Moore’s blog and I loved how you said you hoped she looked into the eyes of the person that needed to see Him the most. (Or something like that). I thought that was such a sweet comment and it made me want to check out your blog! I really like it! I love music SO much and I may try to add a youtube video to mine like you did! I love the song “i surrender all” that you added. I hope I can do it!

    Thank you so much for sharing! I can tell you have an amazing heart for God!
    Have a nice night!

  6. Oh – you are soooo right!! Just the sound of GameDay makes things better on Saturday morning!! AND to top it off, after a dinner – and I do use the term loosely at the DogWater Cafe, we went over to watch the South Carolina/Georgia game in a new “mancave” with great friends – guess what – the Gamecocks won!! Ya gotta love a good upset – especially when your team is doing the upsetting!!

  7. That’s so nice to have one on one time. Often when our little family of four gets together,I will go for 2 hours with one son and my Hon with the other. Then we meet for brunch or dinner. There’s something about the intimacy of one on one:)

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