sunday’s song – how great thou art

Martina McBride singing “How Great Thou Art.” There is a little chapel down here where all the weddings take place. It is so absent of God with cold marble and bows on chairs, and yet you step right outside and He is ever-present. A building does not make a church…Blessing Him in Mexico, then most of tomorrow will be spent in travel, so back to you on Tuesday. Hope you are worshipping Him this beautiful day wherever you are.


1 thought on “sunday’s song – how great thou art

  1. I am always so blessed by visiting your blog! This song could not have been more appropriate for you this morning!

    Enjoy your last full day!
    Praying for a safe trip home!


    p.s. My Bible study starts Tuesday, so if you have any last minute suggestions, I will aprreciate them! (and especially prayers!) I’m trying real hard to be Mary… not Martha! 🙂

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