That’s code word for getaway, escape, coup d’état, an excuse to run from responsibility and go have some fun with the women in your life. Interestingly, it’s also a military word for surrender. The unusual part about this time is that I have two in a row planned. Today, we’re off to the hill country to have a fall weekend on the river, and next week, we’re going with my friends to the musical “Menopause” and take a fun day on the San Antonio riverwalk. The hill country is definitely a retreat and place to recharge your batteries. This is a picture of my friend’s beautiful ranch where we are going. If it looks a little familiar, it is where Lifeway filmed Beth Moore’s “Living Beyond Yourself.”

Now, nobody give away the secret–we’re sticking with the term “retreat.” We’ll say our prayers and have our quiet time while we’re there and this is a group of Godly women, but it may be a stretch to call it a retreat, at least next weekend. But it really would sound a little awkward to say that we were going hunting. . .

On another note, Baby Clifford, who many of you have been praying for, is getting stronger and doing well. He is still in the hospital and the doctors have moved his surgery up to Monday morning with Dr. Jonas doing the surgery. Clifford also has a blood clot in his right leg that needs healing. Please keep praying for the whole family for strength, for my faithful friend Jean, the grandmother, for the doctors for skill and to be used as instruments of God, for this sweet little baby’s healing, for his heart to be made whole, and for as much freedom from any pain or suffering as God in His mercy will allow. It will be a long few weeks, so sustained prayers are most appreciated and your faithfulness to pray will always be part of the story for this sweet child of God and his dear family.


4 thoughts on “retreat!

  1. Hunting … a retreat? Hmm. I knew that there was a method to my hunting madness. Now, thanks to you, I understand that to which I have previously lacked understanding. And, I firmly agree. By the way baby…I have a few “retreats” coming up!

    Baby Clifford is one of God’s special souls. For Christ, while on this earth, elevated children in His eyes for their innocents and their purity. May God Almighty bless this child of God, may His angels guide and protect him and may the prayers for Clifford of all who invoke His name assist him in his journey. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

  2. Oh, as I was reading about your retreat my first response was, “ohhhhh, I want to go too!!!” Then I read your update on our baby and started to cry. Shonda, your prayer touched my heart because you have no way of knowing, but God in His mercy actually chose this surgeon for us…..I am confident that He is guiding this dr. whether the dr. knows it or not! Thank you all for your continued prayers. You can be sure that when my grandson can understand his first words, I’ll be telling him about the prayers you dear ladies prayed for him.

    God bless you all.

    Annette, have a great time! I’m trying not to be jealous!!!

    Love, JeanM

  3. Annie,
    May the Lord bless your time with Him and your friends on your “retreat!”

    And of course, continued prayers for Clifford, family and doctors.

    Oh Lord, hear our cries for Baby Clifford and the family! Lord thank You that Clifford is getting stronger by Your grace. And by Your grace we pray that he continue to become stronger. We pray for strength for the family. We pray that You guide the doctors as You are personally performing the procedures. We ask for Your protection. In Jesus name, Amen.

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