a “can do” attitude without a lot of forethought

I’m afraid I have to plead guilty. I contributed today to the Stupid Women Drivers fund, and someone we know and love just won the award. In my defense, I was rather proud of myself driving a Jeep with a U-Haul trailer attached. I parked it in a regular parking place and pinned myself in so that there was no negotiating that thing out of there.
Honestly, I never intended on having to put it in reverse. Really, nobody ever told me I needed to know this basic life skill. So, here I sit…waiting on a rescue.

Frankly, this ranks right up there with closing myself on the wrong side of the ranch gate! Once again, I am reminded…you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city (or the stupid) out of this girl. My mother used to call it common horse sense. I guess I was standing behind the door when God passed out that trait.

I’m considering writing a bad country song while I wait for Mike to get across town in Houston traffic so I can return this sweet little appendage to my 9 mpg towing Jeep. Hmmmmm….

“Stranded in the Parking Lot with a U-Haul By My Side”

Just sittin’ in my pickup
with my U-Haul by my side
Lookin’ in the rearview
Wonderin’ when
my knight in shining armor will come
and save the day (again).

Oh, thank goodness. Here he is. Another five minutes, and we’d be editing these lyrics to be PG-13.


8 thoughts on “a “can do” attitude without a lot of forethought

  1. I found your site through Ang’s and I must say…I am LAUGHING!! where in TX are you?? I am in the Houston area! Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Love it, haven’t we all had situations like that one. It’s good that we can have a sense of humor about it!!! I has an opposite experience. I has to back the uhaul up for a guy friend who was afraid to negotiate my driveway. My middle son, Jeremy’s,comment “That’s pretty bad when a girl has to back the truck up!” too funny Karen

  3. I’m singing it with you! And laughing! I’m laughing as I’ve had so many of those types of experiences. Like the time I had my husband’s 4-door crew cab pick up truck (those are extra long) and I took it through the McDonald’s drive thru. After placing the order to the talking box, I had to negotiate the turn to pay at the 1st window. Well they have a red pole there and I did not swing out wide enough. I saw in the rear view mirror the rear fender was about to hit the pole. I stopped and would not proceed forward and the car behind me refused to back up. They threatened to call the police and I told them to go ahead then they can drive it out of this situation. Finally they conceded and backed up as I refused to drive forward and put a red scratch/dent on his truck. Have a great weekend!Blessings in Christ–

  4. You are hilarious! Reminds me of the time I drove in the garage with my car- top bike rack on it! The bikes came tumbling down! I have tried to back up our trailer for the Waverunner and I still cannot do it!(And I’m okay with it!)I love your song! 🙂

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