get your own jar

Maybe I am an idealist, maybe just a dreamer, but I’d love to think we, in this generation, could leave the world a little better place for our children. Whether it is through the environment, through a legacy of love, or even better, both, here I stand with my prayer. My middle daughter is an Environmental Scientist and my husband is in the oil industry, so we have the proverbial oil and water at our house all the time. Living in Houston is a constant struggle for balance, knowing we need both to be more energy efficient, live more cleanly, and yet still we have a need for individual and convenient transportation in a spread-out town such as this.
A few weeks ago, in response to my email on going “green”, my daughter had one comment: “Everybody just needs to get their own jar” meaning we need to stop drinking all those individual plastic convenient water bottles, and fill up a drinking cup with water and take it with us. I like that concept, and am headed to the kitchen to find a Mason jar for the H2O this day, and say, “No, thanks, little Evian. I have my own.”

If you are interested in looking at a few blogs that focus on this topic, here is my short list:

· Cleantech Blog – Commentary on technologies, news, and issues relating to next generation energy and the environment.
· Earth Meanders – Earth essays placing environmental sustainability within the context of other contemporary issues.
· The Future is Green – Thoughts on the coming of a society that is in balance with nature.
· Haute*Nature – Ecologically based creative ideas, art & green products for your children, home and lifestyle, blending style with sustainability.
· The Nature Writers of Texas – The best nature writing from the newspaper, magazine, blog and book authors of the Lone Star State.


Baby Clifford update

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for C.J. He needs prayers specifically for less pain these next few days, if you will. It is so hard to see a baby who doesn’t understand why he hurts, hurt. So his family could use some comfort as well. I got “clearance” to post two of my favorite pictures of this sweet boy. The first is with his grandpa and namesake, and the second is when he was just two days old, his tiny hand extended, still worshipping his Creator!


5 thoughts on “get your own jar

  1. That first picture is just so sweet.Was hoping he’d have total pain relief – I guess his little body can only process so much med.
    A hug to you CJ.

  2. I can’t listen to that song, and see Cliff hold that sweet one next to his heart without tears. “Rest your head next to my heart, baby of mine.” And you should see those big baby blue eyes of CJs–they do sparkle and shine. Precious in His Sight.

  3. It’s so nice to have a face to put to my prayers for this precious little baby boy. The song is so beautiful and makes me want to rock him. Between the song and the picture of his grandpa I can hardly listen without tears! I am praying for restful, night for C.J.

    All my Love,
    Angie xoxoxoxo

  4. Annie, I love your daughter’s recommendation to “get your own jar!” We actually drink out of Mason jars, big or little! The bottled water craze drives me crazy. It seems such a waste in many ways. We’ve always tried to be a good steward of God’s gfits. So many times the last few weeks I’ve tried to teach Clara the meaning of the phrase “good steward.” We use things like not letting the water run for no good reason, and not asking for more than you can eat as examples of how to be a good steward with the gifts God gives us. Not sure how much is sinking in, but we try! Cliff’s mom’s favorite phrase was waste not, want not, and we generally try to live that way and brought our children up that way. A lot of things they tell us to do under the “going green” mantra is stuff we’ve done for years! Anyway, all that to say I love Lauren’s(?) slogan!

    Baby Clifford is progressing very well as far as the surgery goes. He is still in pain and will not be himself according to drs. for about 2 weeks. He is resting a little better tonight as he is now in a private room and a wonderful nurse said part of his problem was the angle they had him laying. She propped him up quite a bit so he is almost sitting straight so there will be less blood flow/pressure to the vessels in his head and therefore lessen the pain somewhat. He seems to be a lot more comfortable since that was done…..still sad eyes, just looking around, not making baby noises, but not crying quite as much. Every little step forward is such a blessing that we praise God for.

    We thank you still for your prayers.

    Love, JeanM

  5. Annie, taking Social Problems right now I can relate with your daughter. The thing you are dealing with right now is called Sprawl. And Houston has done this well. Ask your daughter.

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