walking it out together

What is there about the last day of Bible study that makes me sad? I love being in the Word with a group of ladies, and I enjoy the break in the middle of the week that is my fortification for the remainder until Sunday. I love the fellowship of women. I love the music, and I love that all the beautiful faces radiate His love. Beth Moore has a line that makes me laugh. She says something like, “I love church. You get to hang around and love on people you wouldn’t even ordinarily like.” I think I just did her a disservice, but that is the way I heard it, something like that anyway. It’s true, though. You share nothing alike with so many of the women, except one thing—one big thing—the love of the Lord. And it is enough to draw strangers into people’s homes, to stir a heart to generosity for a need, to comfort a stranger, to take comfort from a stranger, and to simply anchor your life in so many ways. The family of God. It’s such a sweet mix of safety net and unexpected joys. Hope your Tuesday is blessed with many things to add to your gratitude list. I’m adding Bible study to mine today. I can’t wait to go sing together and worship Him one more time tonight. We sang this song last week. I look to that Day that won’t come to an end. Maybe I’ll be standing beside you, with every tongue offering Him praise and every hand raised, and we’ll sing “Glory.”


2 thoughts on “walking it out together

  1. Oh, I love being with the women in my Bible study too. And we really none of us have anything in common except the Lord Jesus. I have learned so much from each of them that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t in this one group with them!

  2. Hi, Annie.
    I know how you LOVE your Tuesdays! I’m sorry it’s your last day of Ester! I laughed so hard at Beth Moore’s comment. I agree, though. I LOVE loving the Lord with women like you! I am looking forward to a bunch of strangers coming to my house tonight to share the one most important thing… His love!

    Enjoy your Tuesday, dear stranger! haha
    Much love from a grateful friend…

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