it’s a …

We had a new baby this weekend! We have had many calves born on our ranch but for the last eight months, we’ve been waiting for our ginny donkey to give birth. Her name is Missy and she protects our cattle from coyotes and wild pigs. She is very friendly to humans but watch out for that kick if she says back up, buddy. One day, I thought I had a friendly cow coming up for a carrot, too, then I realized it was our bull, and he was enthralled by my neon red jacket. However, Missy decided it was her carrot and she kept him at bay.
So Saturday was the big day and she gave birth. Mike told the story to me, and then he ended with the line he was dying to say. “Not sure if it’s a he or a haw.” We’ll get pictures and I’ll post soon.


5 thoughts on “it’s a …

  1. It’s probably not even called a ginny(female) donkey but just a ginny. I’m a city girl too. Sort of like saying a bull cow instead of just a bull. I’m always amazed at my lack of knowledge of these things. I even impress myself! And Jean, there’s always room for a praise about Clifford–we had the privilege of participating in his miracle. Love y’all. annie

  2. Hi, Angie, Clifford is doing great, saw him today, smiling and talking, cute as can be. Wanted to take a picture for you all, but hubby had camera! Will try to get you one soon. Thanks for asking and for praying! Means a lot to us! 🙂

    Thanks, Annie, for letting me take space to comment on sweet pea! Hope baby donkey is doing well! Looking forward to pictures!

    Love, JeanM

  3. I can’t wait to meet Missy! Yes, pictures will be nice. What is a ginny donkey? I am a city girl and we don’t know these things. You better be careful when you introduce me to him or her. I have been known to jump on people’s backs when I get scared! …sorry!
    Have a good friday night!
    Love you-
    Angie xoxo

    p.s. Hi, Jean! I hope our little Clifford is doing well! I haven’t heard anything lately.

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