reindeer games

Tomorrow officially kicks off the Christmas season, and thus another feast of blog fodder on the subject. I promise not to let every day be about the deep or the frivolous, but somewhere, I hope we all find a healthy balance between the somber reminder that Jesus is the Reason for the season and showering ourselves and others with the sheer joy of the Gift.
I know you’ll probably be shopping tomorrow, but we have laughed ourselves silly over this. If you get a minute, it is tons of fun. I took a picture of my girls and my niece and me and, I must admit, we have some moves, baby. Check it out (and try not to fall into the computer with this one–it’s almost impossible not to). Go ahead. Elf yourself or just watch us make fools of ourselves.


4 thoughts on “reindeer games

  1. This makes me laugh every time I see it….Who knew we would all just eat this up?!

    I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving…I loved what you said below…

    “Thanksgiving…it looks good on you!”

    Most thankful for Him~

  2. You girls area very funny!

    Skipping the shopping frenzy today and staying inside a warm house as a cold front has hit us over here.

    Blessings in Christ–

  3. That was hilarious! I actually saw it last night and tried to add us, but I could only get one eye where my whole face was supposed to show up. It was scarey! Thanks for your encouragement yesterday. It helped more than you can imagine! Linc & I went out to Targe* early this morning to try to get some t.v.’s for the new office on sale but sold out at 6:00AM. It was crazy out there!
    He IS the reason…
    Angie xoxo

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