bethlehem or babylon

With all the chaos of shopping and the frenzy of getting so much done, I find myself desperately in need of an Advent season. The church I went to until a few years ago celebrates the liturgical year, and precious are the four weeks leading up to Christmas when we are still and we wait. And we are somber enough to reflect on our lives and the condition of our souls. We ask, “Am I ready for Jesus’s return?” It is a time to remember that Jesus came once to earth to save us and He will return soon to redeem us for all eternity. Help us, Lord Jesus, to remember the meaning and wonder of the season, and our amazing Gift, Emmanuel–the “with us” God.

6 thoughts on “bethlehem or babylon

  1. Thank you, annie for reminding me what it’s all about! It’s so easy to get caught up even when I know better. I’d rather have bethlehem any day! I want to be still and know… Love you, Angie xoxo

  2. What a lovely blog you have. I am going to link on Miller Manor and come back to visit often. Thank you for sharing your heart and for joining in the Christmas tour of homes!

  3. I just love the peanuts cartoon. Can you see any of the new cartoons or Christmas specials reminding everyone the reason for, or the true meaning of Christmas? I watched the Charlie Brown Special when it was on…none of the “kids” would watch with me. Can’t help that they grow up. I posted again today, so check it out. Love ya Siser, Karen

  4. What a much needed reminder that Christmas is not about the hurry and bustling to buy stuff. But rather a time to be still and know that He came to us!

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