santa gone hunting – be back soon

Santa’s taking a few days off to finish up the pre-Christmas cheer and have a marathon wrapping day after hunting down some final gift selections. Since all the kids will be home today, we’re all about cooking and eating, fireplace visits, and a trip to the ranch for a family picture and some hunting before the big day.

Everyone stay warm and enjoy your homes, your family and friends, and, most especially, be blessed with the Love of the Christ Child.


8 thoughts on “santa gone hunting – be back soon

  1. Hi Annette-Merry Christmas to you and Mike and your family. I so enjoy spending time with you each day. We have so much to be thank ful for.

  2. Annette, you’re such a dear! I’m speed walking through only a few blogs this a.m. cause of all the cooking and visiting with my six. I read “Satan’s taking a few days off to finish up..” and thankfully re-read the sentence cause I was about to post. SATAN ISN’T TAKING OFF ANY DAYS OVER HERE! I really am being attacked this morning—wouldn’t he love to disappoint our days and discourage us from enjoying our family. Just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to you…
    I love your weight words
    I love your humble heart
    I love your childlike faith…
    A thousand thanks
    You’ve touched deep places in my soul! Bev

  3. Enjoy your family and festivities, as we celebrate Jesus birth, and have a truly blessed Christmas Annie, you deserve it!


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