Last Sunday, my sister called to tell me that Dan Fogelberg had died. He was 56. For many of you spring chickens, that news doesn’t send your heart strolling down memory lane, but for me, it was his song, “Longer” that was sung at our wedding. It was his lyrics in “Same Old Lang Syne” that painted the picture of a chance meeting with an old love on Christmas Eve. And it was his music that brought nostalgic sorrow as he sang the loving tribute to his father in “Leader of the Band.” His words were gifts and his messages were endearing. Summing it up, someone remarked “Dan said so many things that my heart only knew how to feel.” Thanks, Dan for the reminders to love and to say “I love you” through song. Though Dan is now gone, his music lives as a gift and a legacy.


3 thoughts on “legacy

  1. What a beautiful song, Annie. I’ve heard it many times, but I’m sure it was not sung by Dan Fogelberg. How sad he died at such a young age. I pray he is with our Father and at peace. What a nice tribute you have paid to him in introducing him to those who may have never heard of him.

    Love, JeanM

  2. Annie, these is so sad I found your blog at Shondas, THe Leader of the Band broght back so many memories grwoing up in the 70’s and I remember that song but did not know who sang it.He was so young to have pass away.
    May his soul be at peace with out Lord,he will be miss.marina

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