gone fishin’

Not really. Just wanted to drop a quick post that I will be quite busy and probably very quiet in blogland the next week or so. We’re all healthy and doing well, but I need to get some real work done, so I have to take away some of my fun time. I’ll be online but probably won’t post for a while. I’ll miss you guys, and hope you have a great week. I already can’t wait to catch up with you soon. And I wish I were…gone fishin’.

love to you,

6 thoughts on “gone fishin’

  1. I’m hungry. I’m ready for the fish fry! Please come and cook us something on your blog soon.
    Still missing you!

    Love and blessings–

  2. Your PSA is too cute. Just slipped to my knees as I read your e-mail and listened to Even So and so felt the presence of my LORD even in this. Can’t thank you enough for praying for me. Praying for you in your teeny tiny blog sabbatical. We’ll miss you! See if you can carve out an hour on Thursday 24th, I’ll so be there. Maybe around 1pm or 2pm??

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