expedition behavior

Yesterday, my daughter got back from ten days kayaking in the Andes mountains in an adventure she will not soon forget. In the course of our conversation, she mentioned they were given a set of ten rules for “expedition behavior.” I thought it was some practical advice, so please indulge me with a little further application. This life is a journey, and there are a few rules we could all remember to make everyone’s life a little easier. We are a team in life working toward the same goal. Through inclement weather and sunshine, we press on. I have modified the ten points using liberal poetic license but the original site can be found here.

Expedition Behavior
Ten Pointers Most Won’t Tell You

RULE #1 Get the heck out of bed.

I am liking this one already, having raised three teenagers. My mother had a rule. You get up at 7:30 at the latest. That is sleeping late. If you need a nap later, that’s okay.

RULE #2 Do not be too cheerful before breakfast.

Some people wake up perky and happy as fluffy bunny rabbits. Exhortations such as “Rise and shine, sugar!” and “Greet the dawn, pum’kin!” The best early morning behavior is simple: Be quiet. I have to admit I learned this one the hard way at our house. Mike is not a “before breakfast, tell me how busy the day is going to be” kind of person. Just because you see their face and they are upright does not mean they want to engage. The best kind of quiet is with your God, just you and He together over the first cup of coffee.

RULE #3 Do not complain.

About anything. Ever. Most people know already how bad a situation is. Make a suggestion. Tell a joke. Say a prayer. I once worked for a place that did not let you make a complaint without offering three reasonable ways to solve it. It was a policy.

RULE #4 Learn to cook at least one thing right.

As long as you have one or two really good dishes you make, you can create an illusion of being a great cook. A good meal is a gift.

RULE #5 Either shampoo, or do not remove your hat for any reason.

Can’t quite figure out how this fits on the road to life, but I vote for option #1! Nothing like a good daily head soaking to wash away the debris we fill our heads with.

RULE #6 Do not ask if anybody’s seen your stuff.

Assume the problem is yours. Maybe you misplaced something. Personal responsibility is a lost art these days, and most refreshing to those with you on this journey.

RULE #7 Never ask where you are.

The recommendation on this one is to use your road map. The Bible is the best one I have ever found.

RULE #8 Always carry more than your fair share.

Doing more than your part in life is the key to personal satisfaction as much as it helps others not to think you’re lazy. (see rule #1)

RULE # 9 Do not get sunburned.

Overexposure to anything is a bad deal. It makes you sick. Overindulgence even of good things like sunshine can make you sick. (Lauren learned what PLE was on her trip. She’s good now.) The key is moderation to keep a healthy balance, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

RULE #10 Do not get killed.

This one really freaked out this mother. However, in life there are many risky behaviors that can literally suck the life out of you. The most beneficial thing you can do is to take out life insurance, the eternal kind, by engaging in the best love you’ve ever known with your Savior. Quoting from the actual rule list: “All expedition behavior really flows from this one principle: Think of your team, the beautiful machine, first. You are merely a cog in that machine.” Life is meant to be enjoyed together. For the others’ sake and your own, don’t get yourself killed.


15 thoughts on “expedition behavior

  1. mrs annie

    This is Britt, Bev’s son. I want to invite you to come to my mom’s blog to see what your donation did in the lives of the Thai orphans. Thank you very much for your support and prayers for your orphan. It was greatly appreciated! Britt

  2. Happy Birthday Annie! The cats out of the bag via our beloved Angbaylis! 🙂

    Hope you have a great day and i’m glad we can come spread birthday blessings!


  3. Annie I’m up very sparcely but up with a blog itsasmallworld-sammie.blogspot.com. I can’t figure out how to spread the picture out on top, and how to add them on the side. So computer challenged.H-E-L-P!!!!!

  4. Great rules to live by. Although learning to cook just one thing right might pose some difficulty–I have to have a bit of variety! And, I am certainly with you on rule #5. Showers and shampoos are absolute necessities for a good day!
    Happy Friday!

  5. Whew! She’s back! We’re so thrilled! How was BF on Tuesday night? Haven’t seen any word on it anywhere? And the visitor? How’s she doing??? You need to post a pic, even a video clip—ooohhh! Well, the top ten are terribly good esp. #10, my favorite. Oh dear.

  6. Annie, I have a great talk I’m going to send you as soon as my Youth Pastor is done with it. I think you might pass it on to your peeps.

  7. O. K. I totally agree with the quiet in the morning. And I also worked for an organization who said the same thing, give 3 reasons why something could work before you give one reason why it won’t! Those rules fit all of us daily!

  8. I agree with Angie that this is refrigerator material. I’m going to incorporate the no complaining without 3 reasonable ways to solve it with the boys tomorrow!

    I’m glad your daughter is back and kept the rules!

    Blessings in Christ–

  9. Okay, this is DEFINITELY refrigerator material! I need it laminated and put there permanently!!! I was going to pick out my favorite but decided they are equally important! I will have them memorized before this weekend!

    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  10. I’ll have to share this as a work devotion if that’s okay with you. You amaze me! And as I said before, I am so glad Lauren is home.

  11. This was so very good that I’m going to pass this along to my Bible study group tomorrow.

    I always love what you share Annie.
    Hey wait a minute??? Is that your real name??? Why do I feel like this is an alias for you???

    Regardless, I just love your blog!
    Thanks for the reminders and keepers in my heart.

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