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One of the reasons I started this blog last year was to remind myself where I see my amazing God. I called it “annie’s eyes” to remind me to look, as Henry Blackaby states in Experiencing God, “see where God is working and join Him there.” I often find God in a place, more often in a person, sometimes in an experience, and most often in others’ eyes. Pearl Bailey once noted, “People see God every day. They just don’t recognize Him.” Perhaps that is one of my biggest failures if I cannot or choose not to open my eyes to His presence. I am afraid I will miss God and the wonderful, even if sometimes brief, glimpse of eternity. Today is GodStop Friday, hosted by Patty, who sees God in so many wondrous ways at Girlfriends in God. Stop by and see others’ amazing God-sightings this week.

We’ve all known people who have been through so much. In a Bible study I am doing online, we recently finished studying about Job who had everything and lost it—his children, his health, his fortune, but he said “Yet will I trust Him.” For everything He had came from God. And then we read about Joseph, who had his father’s favor and was almost killed by his brothers, then punished in prison for thirteen years, yet he wasn’t angry because he saw God in his situation. He was not angry because he knew it was his destiny to save his family and Egypt from the famine. What is the point in each of their stories? Job and Joseph saw God in their suffering. They saw God in their pain. They saw Him in their loneliness, their abandonment, their depression. And, they gave Him praise. “Though He slays me, yet will I trust Him!”

I saw God in so many joyful places this week, celebrating birthdays, meeting a new dear friend, remembering that my husband deserves to be honored and treated well, walking through a week of love from children, from family from friends. It was easy to see God in moments of joy. I want to also remember to see him in moments when it is not so easy. I want to feel like Job when he said (Job 42:5 Amp. Vers.) “I had heard of You only by the hearing of the ear; but now my spiritual eye sees You.” I want to remember what Joseph did when he told his brothers, You meant this for evil, but God used it for good.(Gen 45:5)

Today, I pray for each one of us to have spiritual eyes to see God in all things. Happy Godstop Friday. Don’t miss a moment of Him.


9 thoughts on “in all things

  1. Yep…I need my spiritual eyes on all the time….when they aren’t on or working….i’m completely messed up! 🙂

    I hope you have seen Jesus today.

    Much love,

  2. Your words about Job and Joseph remind me of my current favorite song – Blessed Be Your Name. It’s a song about Praising God when life is good and Praising Him when life is bad. It’s about recognizing that He gives blessings and He takes them away. It’s about choosing to always say – “Blessed Be Your Name”, no matter what the circumstance.
    (The Newboys really know how to sing this song.)

  3. I needed to read this. I pray I’ll see God in my circumstances that I’m dealing with now. I pray I’ll see with spiritual eyes and not these natural one that are out of focus.

    Blessings in Christ–

  4. Hi there,
    This is my first time at your BEAUTIFUL blog. Your header is just breathtaking. And so is your post. Oh Lord, give us YOUR perspective and YOUR perception!

    Thanks so much for visiting me and giving me a vote of confidence with the whole ‘new glasses’ thing.

    It’s so nice to meet you!

    Julie @ A Joyful Life

  5. Annette, it would be impossible NOT to see Jesus in your eyes! I’m so honored I was in your God Stop this week! It’s so comforting to know He is with us through it all! God is so good!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  6. What a beautiful post! A beautiful GodStop! I think every week we have GodStops in our Bible readings and I love reading each persons posts on what God is teaching them. We can see how God is meeting us every day in His Word! Amazing! You are so right, great lessons learned from Job and Joseph. Thank you so much for sharing this week. I always look forward to visiting you!

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