Godstop Friday on Saturday

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Well Friday slipped right away. It was an extra catch up “Leap” day, so I suppose it might have gone unnoticed, but it was a beautiful day where we can give some glorious praise and not miss an opportunity to tell God thanks. I saw God this week in mighty and frightening ways, in small details, and in some plain old stuff I just have to work through with Him.

First of all, I want to thank you for your prayers for Greg and he did fine as always. He actually has been flying for some time and believe it or not, doesn’t worry me that much anymore. He is very good at what he does. He also is incredibly responsible and the take charge kind of guy you’d want to fly your plane. So your prayers were appreciated and answered, I might add.

I realized my title of that post did not get the real point because I guess I got tired and missed it myself. Even I bore myself sometimes. What I wanted to say was that night flight is our own plight. The darkness is where the fear and doubts hide, and we must trust in those dark times when we can’t see our hand in front of our face, but know He is our ever dependable Pilot and Plane. Before Greg takes off, he has an extensive pre-flight check. He knows before he goes that he has a good and dependable plane. He knows because he has proven it trustworthy.

We, too, know we have a trustworthy God before we take off in our night plight because He has shown Himself faithful. The idea is to get there and know ahead of time to equip ourselves with Him for those inevitable dark night plights. In Him there is no darkness at all. His Light rules and guides and exposes the darkness and all its fears and evils. When we have our pre-flight check and He shows Himself faithful, we more than can handle the night plight. The night plight becomes the night flight where we soar confidently above the mighty waves of doubt and fear.

God was everywhere I looked this week. I was sick a good part of the week and really went to some bad places with fear if you haven’t guessed. I had some of the best conversations I had in years with a dear friend and never said a word. And I had a lot of one-on one business to tend to with my glorious God. He so knows our plight. He so wants our flight.

Patty graciously sponsors these GodStops each week. Please join her for another helping of beautiful revelations of His Presence in the lives of those of us walking this thing out with His Hand in ours.


4 thoughts on “Godstop Friday on Saturday

  1. Praising Him with you Annie!! I truly hope you feel better this week….i guess the “crud” has hit the nation. I’m hoping for my family to move past this one too.

    Have a wonderful day friend. Keep your eyes and heart wide open to Him. May He bless you richly.

  2. Oh, Annette. This post gives me the chills. We know He’s with us every moment of every day, especially in our night plight and it makes them so much easier when we trust Him, really trust Him. I’ll never forget our conversations. Thank you for sharing with me, just another girl desperate for Him. I’m glad we’re on the same flight!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  3. You truly bless me with your honest and encouraging, conviciting and sweet words! I love everything you shared! I also want to comment about your sister, I like that she says God Healed her period. I will take that and say that from now on! I pray you have a blessed weekend!
    See you Monday!!

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