sunday’s song – revelation song

Giving Him so much praise today for my friend’s son Wesley’s return from a three-year tour in Iraq. He’s headed home, and He has seen him through in mighty ways. He saw me through a tough week, too. He is worthy. This is my new favorite song. Very powerful and worshipful. Blessed Sunday! Blessed Deliverer.


3 thoughts on “sunday’s song – revelation song

  1. It was so beautiful to hear your voice full of joy and release. So good is your God Who is near to Annette this week and always! Pray for my toe! Pray that I would have peace!!!! In midst of inconvenient pain!

  2. Who was, and is, and is to come… I want to adore Him and give Him all of the Glory. It’s my new favorite, too! I’ve never heard this before today! I’m going to claim it right now!

    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

    p.s. I’ll be back to listen to this again!

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