fallen hero

This could be my son. Let’s face it. It is the thought of most mothers of sons the same age when we hear of fallen soldiers. This is a boy whom I watched grow up who went to our church. He still looks ten years old to me with reddish hair and freckles, but he was a man who died in Iraq last week for our country. He was 26.

Army Cpl. Scott McIntosh was an acolyte at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Houston, TX and he will be buried with full honors there. In the same sanctuary where he served, where his mama watched him read Scriptures and light candles, she will say goodbye to a flag-draped coffin with his remains on Tuesday. He is with the Lord now. He leaves behind a wife and family but for me, a real face to put to this war–a name that represents so many more, and a mother whose son gave his all.

America is home of the free because of the brave. Thank you seems so small, but thank you with all my heart to the McIntoshes for their selfless son and his ultimate sacrifice. May His peace that surpasses all understanding comfort you.

10 thoughts on “fallen hero

  1. My heart is saddened to think of this momma’s heart. I’m praying for them and I know that God has given them strength and comfort when they thought there was none.

    Blessings and peace,

  2. Hi Annie,

    So sorry it took me this long to respond to you. You posted on my blog and you saw my post on Bev Brandon’s blog.

    I’m in CPR training today, all day, and I have a short lunch break.

    I wanted to try to catch up on communications…

    Thank you for your comments about my blog. I just “spill” out on the “page”.

    As for Beth’s teaching/CD audio on Deuteronomy – its called Spiritual Mapping: Egypt, The Wilderness, and Caanan. You can buy it from the LPM store and it’s $18. It’s recorded live at Colorado Springs for a Living Proof Live event.
    I don’t know what year they did it. Travis is worship leader, but they don’t play any music, just Beth’s Friday and Saturday teaching.

    It’s wonderful…you need to get it!!

    Prayers for this horrendous loss. My heart goes out to you and the family and to our brave men and women who fight to keep us free.
    My nephew is 20 and he is on the front in Afganistan with the Marines.

    Prayers and many blessings,

  3. This hits very close to home, when I got home tonight from work there was a letter on my desk from my cousin, telling me that her son just left for Iraq for 9 months, his name is Johnny please pray for him and his family… I will pray for comfort durning this time of need for you frineds…

  4. I have the most admiration and respect for our military, who are willing to fight for our freedom….a great price this young man has paid for us to be able to continue enjoying that freedom…my prayers are with all of you.

  5. I will be praying for the family and you. I am an army brat and my daddy sacrificed his life, didn’t have to give it, but he served his country for over twenty years and fought in two wars. Thank you is not enough, there are no words for all that families have given that we might live where we live as we live and worship as we do. May God bless his family and you during this time…Blessings

  6. Oh Annie,

    I am so sorry for this huge loss…but rejoice that He is with His Savior and the Ultimate Defender.

    I will pray for your family and his as you walk through this sadness.


  7. Oh this is such a high price to be paid!! I am praying for you and Scott’s family. We, who stay behind, are so blessed to have brave, patriotic soldiers who are willing to stand on the front lines for us. God bless them all and their famiies. love, Kathy

  8. My heart grieves for you and this family. No words can suffice. Like you already said, thank seems too insignificant. Peace, God’s peace! Grace, God’s grace.

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