beach boy

My buddy is 6’5″. He’s 25 years old. I am talking about my son who lives in Daytona. So, even though I look short in these pictures, I assure you he got the gene from one of us–Mike is 6’2″ and I am 5’9″. Last week, I got the best gift–a couple of days with him for the first time since Christmas.

Sand squishing through our bare feet, we walked down the soft grains of the shore, coffee in hand. It felt so right with the breeze and the sound of the waves. It was the best company I have had in a while. It didn’t hurt that we had a lot of good food, too–seafood always tastes so good on the beach.

If you have little ones at home and think the days are long, let me tell you how fast it goes. I used to call Greg “Buddy” when he was a kid. It became his nickname, and somehow didn’t end up being “Bubba” like the rest of Texas. Hug your kids’ necks and remember someone warned you that years go by faster. You blink one day and they’re off leading their own lives, living their own dreams. And my buddy is not going to be happy that I call him my buddy publicly on a blog. But he might smile a little secretly to know how proud I am of him and the joy I take in seeing him.

By the way, to narrate the picture show: that is my twin sister, Jen, and Greg’s dog, Rebel, named after his days at Ole Miss, and a beer in my hand–I finally got to sample some of his homemade brew that he had shared with his dad a few weeks ago.

Thanks Angie–I’ll edit this post to include the perfect song:


12 thoughts on “beach boy

  1. Don’t Blink – ohhh! I just did.

    Your son is precious!!!!!!!
    So glad he talked with you
    and walked with you on the beach.
    What a gift!

  2. Annie, there is nothing like a weekend with your son. Hey I wanted to tell you at youth group on Wednesday we had 150 kids and we had them spit crickets. No lie, live crickets. It was so funny, they were lined up to spit these things and have the distance measured to see who was the best cricket spitter. Now that sounds like a texas thing but in Ohio? in the cold? Teenagers!!

  3. You look so relaxed in these pics. The scenery is beautiful. I know what you mean about time flying. Our 21 year-old informed us today that is not moving home this summer but getting an apartment. Interesting choice, since as of this moment she’s not sure how she’ll completely pay for it! I always said I’d never be one of those “old” moms who warns worn-out young moms about time flying, but I AM that old mom!

  4. Oh sweet friend…
    We do need to cherish these days because they will leave us. I just told someone that I have only 6 yrs left with my oldest before he goes off to college….that may sound like a lot to some moms, but that is nothing to me.

    We gotta love em so much and enjoy each day with them….I can’t imagine them living a life away from me! 😉

    These pix are beautiful. You and your hubs are the exact height of me and my hubs! We’d look good in pix together. Hee hee.

    Big hugs~

  5. Hi Ms. Annette,
    Just took a break to stop and say hi.
    Wonderful pictures and wonderful words.
    I don’t even listen to country music, yet, last Sunday my pastor told us about a song that made him cry… was this one…Don’t Blink.
    The entire series we are doing is 30 Days to A No Regrets Life..and it’s about living a NOW life and not wishing for tomorrow.
    I do tell the young mothers, but in a really gentle way. I remember the older women telling me to “cherish” every moment and I wanted to just hand them my two babies and tell them to “cherish” for awhile…ugly I know!

    But it goes by so fast!! My daughter is moving to San Diego at the end of this month and I’ll get to see her maybe twice a year.

    I wish I could go back and do it again knowing what I know now. We would read tons and tons of books, Bible stories and I would “cherish” it. Hindsight 20/20 🙂

    Praying and sending you love,

  6. Annie,
    What a blessing our children are at ages, but I’m loving them even more as now I can still be “Mom”, but also a friend. Brian has now moved from San Angelo, to San Antonio, but we had two weeks in between to hang out. Of course, everybody was there, but that’s okay. We got a few minutes on our own too. Love to you Sister, Karen

  7. Annie,
    How wonderful that you got to spend some precious time with your son. What a blessing! No wonder I’m short–all the tall genes are on your side of Texas!

    Having an 18 year old son, I started hearing myself telling the young mothers with babies and toddlers to be careful they’ll blink and they’ll be grown. But then I stopped saying that as I heard Anita Renfroe on “MomSense” say not to tell young mothers that as they go home and see the little one throwing mashed peas all over the walls and floor. They blink and the mess is still there. 🙂 To tell or not to tell?

    Love & blessings in Christ–

  8. Great pictures and post about your handsome “Buddy”! Meghan may just have to come visit Annie’s Eyes today! I still think it would be awesome to have them meet. My son, John wanted me to download a song by Kenny Chesney called, “Don’t Blink”. Look it up. I’m so glad you got to spend some precious time with Greg even though he must be very busy! It’s obvious how much you love him and how proud you are of him!
    Angie xoxo

  9. So glad that you had that special time together!! It is amazing watching as my baby takes care of her baby. I look at Collin and see Kaiti all over again, and remember – just remember. Then I look again, and know that in the blink of an eye this little baby boy will be taller than I am, and taking flight!! Thanks again, my friend, for your prayers for Robert!! love, K

  10. That post really tugged at my heart. I was just today marveling that my little buddy will celebrate his one year birthday earlier this month. He and his big sister are growing up so fast. I’m glad you had a beautiful weekend.

  11. You look so relaxed and happy! And he is tall. Wow! I’m glad you guys got to spend time together. There’s nothing like the beach.

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