of fish and friends

We like to get there. We’re always in a hurry. But sometimes this time of year, we get stopped in a traffic jam. Just want to point out there is big progress in Texas with car wheels instead of wooden-spoked wagon wheels. It must makes a big difference in those cross-country treks. I must say this was a bit of an unusual site. Usually it is a train of Harleys that might slow us down.

So that was a nice pause in the trip to the farm. But the fish were calling. Here are our good friends, Cathy and Mark, and the first prize of the afternoon. I shot my mouth off about being a good fisherwoman and didn’t catch a thing. Of course, I was busy rescuing a baby kitty stuck in the water fountain and cooking the KFC bucket. And Mike was too busy pulling ’em out to pause for a photo op. (he wished) Okay, Mark. You did win. I concede.

See Abby run. Oh the smells, the cows, the open fields! Happy dog!

Sniff, sniff. Happy, happy dog.

Whew. Check out that long drippy tongue. It’s a busy day for canines. Soon it’s nap time on the patio and a sleepy trip back home. Nothing like a day in the country to clear the mind and breathe a little deeper.


2 thoughts on “of fish and friends

  1. Mark is SO excited. I love the smile from ear to ear! I’m impressed! You were so nice to let him win the prize. 🙂 Cathy is such a supportive wife and adorable I must add! It’s nice that you took your bff Abby with you, too!

    One day we will fish together!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  2. I would love to join Abbey in a day of the country!! Looks like some heaven on Earth to me!!!

    So glad that you were able to have this fun!! And, look how green everything is. Its just beautiful!


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