sunday’s song – glory

Even our best attempts at perfect love fall so short. I can’t help but wonder not only at God’s perfect love, but how perfect His timing is in restoring all things unto Him. One day, we’ll see His most beautiful Face and all shall be restored. This is a Selah song for that day when all will be made right, when all will know He is our most High Hope. We will all bow down to Him, as He sets every injustice right, not with scales of human justice, but through the Blood of His Son’s perfect sacrifice of love. Come quickly. We want to see Your Glory, and we want to know your love face to Face. Chains are broken, hearts made of stone crumble, even death raises its white flag of surrender at the mention of Your Name. Worship Him today knowing it will be all set right. One perfect Day. Sunday blessings to each of you.


2 thoughts on “sunday’s song – glory

  1. I’ll wait.. and in the meantime Praise God for the gift of your friendship! Loved this song and will have to add it to my favorites!
    Love you,
    Angie xoxo

  2. I was so touched to see you comment again to me.
    My cell slipped into water & DIED.
    My email bill was missed & DEAD.
    MY land line is GONE.
    My phone book is G O N E too.
    I wanted so badly to call you BUT
    no #…and you can’t call me…
    You can email your #’s to an old email address I have that I never check but it’s still up…
    And the computer I am on has no sound so I can’t listen to this.
    What in the world is going on???

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