7 thoughts on “Laura for President

  1. I absolutely adore Laura Bush. She is one fine woman. I didn’t get to see this so i’m glad you posted it.

    Take care friend.
    Much love,

  2. I have counted presidential ballots before and some of the write-in’s are hilarious like Donald Duck…but this lady could, should, would be a great write-in. She’s one of those people who get prettier as time goes by. Just like you Annette. I HAVE LOST MY PHONEBOOK as my cell broke so I don’t have your phone # any more and I know you sent it to me S O M E W H E R E…..WHERE OR WHERE??? Monday, I was frozen with fear to go to work but God protected me….and gave me the ROTC…Tuesday I was frozen with fear for good reason for where I sat and God protected me….today I was BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE and enjoyed every moment. Thursday and Friday will be rough again socio-economically speaking. I should have emailed you. Sorry.

  3. I have always loved Laura. She has such class. Maybe we can start a write in campaign.

    I hope you’ve had a good day. Stand firm, girl.


  4. Go Laura – she definitely gets my vote!! I never watch the Today Show, and just happened to stop on that yesterday. She was wonderful!! Hope this is a good week for you!! love, Kathy

  5. I was reading about how VIP’s treat reporters, etc. on AirForce 1 – Laura Bush is #1 in their eyes – always gracious, kind and helpful unlike Madame H.

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